Small Metal Parrot Stands - Bird Play Stands

Bird Play Stand
Small metal parrot stands for the home are popular for a variety of reasons. For one, the smallness of these stands makes it easy to have a companion bird perched near by while accommodating droppings and controlling what the beak can get into. Moving these bird stands room to room can be done easily, with or without optional wheels. Most of these parrot bird stands will come with food bowls and some with toy hooks. Although the stands are considered small, the perch diameter size and food bowls provided on most are suited for medium to larger size parrots. Typical stands will come with 1” diameter hardwood dowel perches (or larger) and have 12 ounce food bowls (or larger). Some of the stands available offer natural tree branch perches with varied shapes and diameters to promote foot health and better grip. Most of these small portable bird stands come with round catch trays that range in size from 18” to 28” in diameter. Most of trays are either powder coated steel or stainless steel. Although both surface types are not hard to clean, the bird stands that come with a support structure under the tray will not be flimsy or subject to damage. For even easier clean up, there are a few bird stand designs that allow you to lift off the tray for cleaning, where most are bolted down. Whenever possible, look for and read any reviews about a bird stand before making a purchase.

To help you locate a particular bird stand (if it's still available), we’ve included information below most pictures for you to copy and paste into the web search bar provided. Given that business come and go and products get discontinued, some of these bird stands may no longer be available. For creative tips on searching, check out our Search Tips.