Large Metal Bird Stands & Parrot Play Gyms

Parrot Stands
Large metal bird stands are typically designed for and purchased by those who keep medium to larger size parrots, like amazons and macaws. If you have smaller birds, like cockatiels, parakeets or conures, and want a large, open air play stand for the home, you may need to purchase a large bird stand and modify it with appropriate perches. For the larger birds, these stands offer an alternative place to spread the wings and play during the day while providing control over droppings and what gets chewed. Offering this kind of out-of-the-cage variety can give these birds something to look forward to and go a long way in preventing boredom. One of the biggest issues is having the space in your home to accommodate these large parrot play stands. If you do have room and are thinking about moving it from room to room or taking it outside, make sure the stand you get will fit through your door ways after it’s fully assembled.

The majority of metal bird stands are painted using a powder coating process which is much more durable and chip resistant than ordinary spray-on paint. The more expensive stands are available in stainless steel. Both type of stands with last for many years and, with exception for the wood perches the stands typically come with, metal stands are not subject to being broken or destroyed by aggressive birds. The larger bird stands will typically come with wheels, feeding bowls, hooks for toys and multiple perching levels accessed by climbing ladders.

To help you locate a particular bird stand (if it's still available), we’ve included information below most pictures for you to copy and paste into the web search bar provided. Given that business come and go and products get discontinued, some of these bird stands may no longer be available. For creative tips on searching, check out our Search Tips.