Grooming Perches: Sandy Perch, Pedi Perch, Cement Perches

Sandy Perches – Pedi Perch
See over 60 nail grooming parrot perches below, including the Sandy Perch, the Pedi Perch and many more - all designed to help keep a bird’s nails / claws trimmed. Although there are various types of grooming or pedicure bird perches available, the most common are the sandy perch and the cement perches, like the Pedi Perch. Other designs include grit covered surfaces made of natural lava rock, pumice stone and crushed sea shells.

To help you locate a particular parrot grooming perch (if it's still available), we’ve included information below most pictures for you to copy and paste into the web search bar provided. Given that businesses come and go and products get discontinued, some of these parrot perches may no longer be available. For creative tips on searching, check out our Search Tips.